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Should college students join group study?

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Should college students join group study?

Bài gửi  kimlien on Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:45 pm

My complete essay:

Nowadays, when learning in college with the credit system requires students to study more seriously and actively. This is reason why students must manage to have an effective learning method. So, group learning becomes a necessary activity for college students. Some people say that group study cannot bring benefit and it also waste of time. Teacher cannot control all students when they study in group. In my opinion, college students should join group study because it can help them to study more effectively, helps them learn many new study skills and understand the others members thanks to solidarity.
The first reason why students should join group study is it will help them to learn more effectively. It is clear that working together in a group has more advantages than working alone. They can save their time when learning. For instance, some textbook exercises that seem completely confusing to this student could be quite clear to the other students. Then, in a group, they can be helped to overcome the difficulties by the others. And they do not have to spend their valuable time puzzling over the difficulties. In addition, thanks to discussion with their friends, they can learn more about what is taught and retain it longer. For example, when doing an exercise students have to think and share their ideas to the others, it helps students remember the content or the exercise more easily and quickly.
The second reason I would like to point out is that study group will help students learn many new study skills. During group interactions students have to work with many types of people, they will find many opportunities to reflect up on and reply to the diverse responses of fellow learners. Moreover, when working in group, students can learn to relate to the others learners. It is very helpful for students who have difficulties with social skills. They can benefit from interactions with others. Beside that, group study can offer students opportunities to share their ideas. These can make students more active and self-confident. In addition, by joining a group study, students can develop their own particular study methods and they will find ways to improve their learning abilities and sharpen their mind.
Last but not least, group study helps students understand each other thanks to solidarity. When discussing a topic, students have to exchange their ideas with the others that will make them understand the cultures and point of view of the other better. For example, when discussing, students can show their attitudes and their ideas so that the other students have chances to understand them more quickly. Moreover, to make the discussion become effective, they have to help the others know how to solve the problem more efficiently and get a good result. This requires students to think carefully, logically and give the best answer or the best solution to their topic.
Some people may say that study group can cause a lot of problems. According to them, it can lead to the quarrel between members of the group because each one has their own ideas. And some one want to keep do not want to exchange their ideas, they also do not accept the other ideas. That is reason why it is difficult to have something in common when studying in group. However, they forget a fact that any problem can be solved effectively by a group of people. Thanks to the ideas of everyone and thanks to the strength of the solidarity every thing can be done more easily and more quickly.
To sum up, group study has a lot of advantages that will help college students to improve their mind and study better. They will know how to give and take the opinion. By keeping patience, they will get a lot of useful experiences in stead of quarreling. Moreover, study group can make students feel more confident when they want to work in any social companies in the future. Because of these advantages, so why don’t you join a group study right now?


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