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Should college students have more freedom to choose their own courses?

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Should college students have more freedom to choose their own courses?

Bài gửi  tranthikimnhung on Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:03 am

Nowadays, the system of university education is still the same as traditional system. It means that most of schools force students to study compulsory subjects. Students complain that they can not choose subjects they are interested in and have to spend much time on doing things that they do not really need. And I strongly disagree with this point because of several reasons. I support for the view that college students should have more freedom to choose their own course.
First of all, I believe that students can be more active in the lessons and interested in studying different subjects. They love the courses which they choose, so that they will work harder and more concentrate. They will study more comfortably. The easier knowledge they get, the longer they remember. Moreover, when they like to study, they will put in themselves more effort and they will be even better in studying to get a best result. Therefore, if the college students have the opportunity of choosing their subjects, they will be more eager to attend their classes. As the result they will get better marks, which is satisfactory both for them as well as for their teachers. Especially, if they are forced to study too many subjects, they are given many homework and class work. It makes students feel tired and pressured. And it leads to drop the subject they have no interest at all. College students know when they need studying many subjects, which is suitable for their own condition.
The final and important point is that students know what they are good at, so the students should be given more freedom to choose their own courses. Actually, it is very necessary for students to choose freely their own courses because only they know what they are interested in and what they need. That is the reason why they will pay more attention to the subjects they are really interested in. from that, they will self-study; they will try their best to seek useful information which involves that courses. It will be foundation and support for their knowledge which they get in the class. Especially, they know what they are good at, so they, of course, have ability to develop their skills. It is really good for their future career. In addition, they are old enough to get more aware that there are also some subjects which can be useful for them in the future and they con choose them as extracurricular. In fact, intelligent students will attend more classes and lectures.
However, they are still some people who think that the school should force the students to study all subjects in form. They think that the students need all-round development. They can discover their interest through different subjects. They can also find out that they perform very well in some subjects which they have not ever thought about. Furthermore, the idea of schooling system makes them more responsible for their learning and they learn to make right decisions. They go to school is for studying not playing. Especially, if students are free to choose their own courses, they will try to choose the nice and kind teachers just like the kindergarteners. The teachers who give them high mark without trying to study. Therefore, they only do all exercises and assignments reluctantly. This is meaningless in studying, so in this side, I find it is necessary for school to force the students to study compulsory subjects.
I totally agree that college students should have freedom to choose their own courses. Nobody knows better than students what is best for them. And if they know how to select subjects and organize flexibly, surely the result will be very high. Of course, the teachers should more severe to make a little bit pressure for the student to study. From my own experience, I know that if I had such an opportunity at college, I would not waste so many hours on learning hated subjects and concern on things that would be useful for me in the future.


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