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students ought to work in group

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students ought to work in group

Bài gửi  kimvui on Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:38 pm

As students, we are accustomed to the term ‘’group work’’- a learning method that is getting popular nowadays. However, there is a controversial question that group work brings with it good or bad effects. Some students are interested in group work while others keep working individually. In my opinion, I do believe that students ought to work in group.
First, group work helps you enhance your knowledge day by day. Working in group means that you work with many people. Thus, there will be a variety of ideas or opinion, which leads to discussion or even argument to some extent. When you join talking about something enthusiastically as well as listening to others’ point of view, you see the issue from different angles so that you can gain full competence in this field. Besides, you can also correct your mistakes and collect new information thanks to your group-mates’ comments and contribution. As an illustration, some 50 out of 70 HUCFL third year students have modified their pronunciation in proper ways during the time working with other students. As a result, your knowledge is not only improved but enlarged as well.
Next, group work builds you a firm background in term of team spirit. There is no doubt that you must place your group’s benefits over and above anything else belonging to individualism. But when you just care for your own benefits, this will causes too many difficulties and obstacles to meet the target. Therefore, you must think of your group first to bring the best thing to everyone. You, moreover, need to learn how to listen to others’ opinions seriously and give comments without hurting them. During working in group, as a result, you obviously have chance to practice these skills little by little, which supports you tremendously when you work with your co-workers in future. For example, my roommate now has changed her selfishness and hot-temper after working in group many times. It is evident that group work plays an important role in motivating team spirit.
Finally, it is true that we cannot evaluate appropriately individual ability but this matter does not have a slim chance to happen when a group has a set of standard. It is so-called ‘’ group diary’’ in which members’ attention, participation, attitude, work and so on are taken note carefully. The diary will be significant in judging the fruits of all members. For example, although the result of your group is so good, you cannot be in the same rank as others if you are lazy during the working duration. That is why equality is always available in group work.
In short, the advantages of group work far outweigh its disadvantages. Working in group brings you a deep and large range of knowledge and powerful team spirit which are proved to be useful and necessary. If you are really wise students you must participate in group work as soon as possible


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