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my complete essay- having a part time job, why not !

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my complete essay- having a part time job, why not !

Bài gửi  phucle on Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:19 pm

Many students while attending the college wonder whether they should have a part time job or not. Some students say that they should while the others say they should not have. For me, Students should have a part time job for several reasons.
First of all, having a part time job helps students ensure their financial matter. Because students in the college mainly come from rural areas, family life still has so many difficulties. Many families find had to provide their children with money sufficiently. As a result, students’ lives become so difficult. they get confusing when the cost of every thing is so expensive and increasing such as tuition fee, rent, food, transportation, learning material,....By working, students can earn some money to pay for many things by themselves and less depend on their family’s budget. Not only having enough money for daily need, students can put aside some money they earn in case they are in need.
Secondly, students also know well how to use their money efficiently when they have a job. Many students, especially those who work for the first time encounter with hardships while working. As a result, they realize how hard it is to make just small sum of money by their own and get reluctant to spend that money. I also have a friend. He has worked as a waiter in a food stall for several months. Before he began this job he wished to have a smart phone but didn’t have enough money. He intended to work several months to get the money. However, when he got the money already, he changed his mind. In stead of buying the phone as he wished, he put it into saving. He said “I do not want to spend the money on such a thing when I had worked so hard to get it. It is my sweats. I’d rather spend it on more meaningful things.”
As I’ve mentioned above, working helps students to earn money. However, some people may argue that working makes students materialistic as they learn to make money. Generally, it is true that having too much money and pay too much attention to it, people tend to be materialistic. However, with the case of students, this is not true. Students need money and without being provided with money sufficiently, their lives become difficult. It’s natural that when people do not have enough money to ensure their basic need, they have to find it. We can not call that materialism. Moreover, college students learn to earn money is not something worrying because they are now adults, mature enough to control themselves. Learning to earn money now, frankly, helps them a lot after few years when they graduate.
Some people may agree with the points I mentioned above, but they may also argue that where can students find time for learning when they spend their time on working. In deed, while working, students know how to manage their time efficiently. Students in the college have free time almost every day. Instead of spending time on chatting with friends, going out or playing sports, students can take advantage of this time to work. It will be more meaningful. Moreover, working does not influence students’ learning so much. Actually, working students tend to highly value time more than the others. A survey carried out in the college shows that nearly 90% of interviewed working students say that they realized the importance of time and used their time more wisely when they had a job. They also admitted that their final learning results did not go down.
Finally, working can be a valuable experience for students in the college. Through working, students have chance to get to know many people and know how to communicate with different sorts of people. As a result, they feel more confident when standing in front of crowd and their communicating skills also gets ahead. Also, experiences from working helps students a lot in their future jobs. For example, a part time job as a tutor provides students with many necessary skills when they become teachers. Or working as a seller or waiter in restaurants, shops that serve foreigners also provides students with practical language skills when are interpreters or tour guides.
In conclusion, having a part time job brings so many benefits for students. Not only solving students’ financial matter, it also helps students manage time as well as money more effectively, and above of all, brings so many valuable experiences for student in the college. It is really a good idea that every student should find a part time job.


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