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student should have a part time job

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student should have a part time job

Bài gửi  phanthiyenk6c on Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:16 pm

Name: Phan Thi Yen
Student code: 09F7511187


Students need eqiup not only knowledge but also experience such as communication, organization activities for their job in the future. A part time job is the useful tool to add these purposes. However, many people think that students have only a duty of studying in college. They strongly agaisnt that students do part time job. In my opinion, there are many advantages for students when having a part time job, and student should find this kind of job in their college years.
Many people said that students should spend all time on studying in college and part time jobs make them neglect their study. According to them, students need just theoretical knowledge, but not practical experience because they can get necessary experience when having a stable job in the future. While it is true that studying is quite important with students, the fact is that doing a suitable part time job, students can get many advantages for their study.They will be able to learn certain new things through whatever they have worked. All the experience which students gain during part time job will certainly count when completing their schooling or graduation. They can also communicate well, become more active and be able to order a scientifical timetable. Moreover, many compaies nowadays need employees who are experienced in their fields. So that, if students having a part time job which is related to their study, they will have more oppurtunities to get the good work in the future. For example, the work of a collaborator for newspaper officer is uesful for the social science students while economic students should find marketing work and a pedagogic student should be a preavate teacher, ect.
It is also argued that part time job is a temporary work or just for relaxing. It is true that one of the purposes of doing part time job is to fulfill the free time. But in reality, students can earn lost of money from this kind of job. Many students can pay school tuition and daily expenses themselves thank to this income. Especically, this income has a very important role for poor students in their life. It really helps them cover their needs without parents’providing. The other students even start their small business from part time jobs. As a result, they got success and earned money firmly. In a wedsite for the young, there is an example who is very sucessful since doing a part time job. That is Dao Duc Dung, a student in Hanoi, who earns 4.000 USD per month. From selling handbook of domitary and then becoming a famous orator, Dung now is an exellent manager of a Businessman Training Institute in Hanoi.
Finally, another argument is that students will get in touch with bad people and environment when doing part time job, that corrupt the young seriously. It is right in the case of students take part in jobs that require to contact to many different and complex classes of people in society. However, almost these jobs give students many meaningful things in peaceful places. The student also receive lost of experience from kind owners or manegers. On the other word, if students have a suitable part time job in nice invironment such as a clerk in bookstore, a bag boy in supermarket or a part time staff in officer, they will get not only practical profits but also useful life lessons. Moreover, Adam Bertram’s book (2009) pointed out that these students even avoid negative behaviors or social evils for free time. In Vietnam, the fact is that almost students who have part time job have no terrible crimes such as addicting online games, fighting, smoking, drinking, ect.
In short, the part time job is a useful tool to perfect the student. What the student get from part time job will add to their real-life experience to get the success in the future. Therefor, each student need to do a suitable part time job as a practical exercise in the college years.

. http://khatvongtuoitre.com/tamguongthanhcong
. Adam, B.(2009). Part time book for student business: time yourself, 4, 125.


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Re: student should have a part time job

Bài gửi  hungak6b on Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:58 pm

"A part time job is the useful tool to add these purposes"
I think you should write: a part time job is certainly a good choice for you to gain these two purposes.
there are some words mistakes, you should rewrite it later.
your evidence and examples are really good but you should make them more clearly and shortly
finally, the refuting paragraph is not strong enough.
you cannot say that students should find suitable jobs for all, because not everyone can get a good job


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