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outline for "patr time job",pls give comment!thanks

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outline for "patr time job",pls give comment!thanks

Bài gửi  phanthiyenk6c on Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:22 pm

Name: Phan Thi Yen
Student code: 09F7511187


Thesis statement: Student should have part time job to apply their knowledge and learn more meaningful for their life.

1.Against: Students have to spend all time on studying, part time job makes them neglect their study.
Support:-The student can gain experience from part time job for their work in the future.
-They will be more confident and active.
-Students will have more opputurnities to get the special work afterward.

2.Against: Part time job is usefuless and just for fulfill the free time.
Support:-The student can earn lost of money from part time job.
-This job help poor student be able to pay for school tuition and daily needs themselves without parents’providing.
-Students can start their business from part time job.

3.Against:The student will be corrupted because of getting in touch with bad people and environment when having part time job
Support:-Almost part time jobs come from peaceful environment.
-Students will learn many things from nice owners or managers.
-Part time jobs help the student avoid social vivals for the free time.

Each student should do a suitable part time job as a practical exersice in their college years.


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