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this is my writing , pls give me some advices

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this is my writing , pls give me some advices

Bài gửi  hungak6b on Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:48 pm

It is our perspective nowadays that we need much stronger assistance of technology in teaching and learning. We are not able to manage well at school without the help of technical products, especially the computers. Therefore, I strongly argue that the computer lab of Hue college of foreign languages must be added more computers for the use of both students and teachers.
For one thing, both teachers and students need computers for many learning activities at the college. In today’s education, teachers have to prepare many visible and hearing tools for their teaching. There are many valuable learning resources that are available on the Internet and teachers can make use of them to inspire their students. Especially for Hue college of foreign languages, our teachers have to take more and more advantages of technology and online materials to teach foreign languages, not only the language, but also the culture, people, attitude and lifestyles… as a result, more good computers at college are very useful. As for students, they find they are expected to use computers: searching for information, creating Powerpoint for presentation, making projects or preparing assignments. How will it be convenient and economical for them if they can do all these work at our college? Moreover, students can spend their free time on reading newspapers and finding various useful things by using computers at college. We are living in a highly technological world and computers play an increasingly role in how we study. Therefore, more computers at the college means that more opportunities for both students and teachers to access to new ways of teaching and learning. It also means that we can improve the quality of acquiring knowledge and skills.
The second reason is that if there are more computers, students and teachers will also be able to complete their work more efficiently. More computers will allow us to find a computer to use easily. Both students and teachers will not have to wait so long for their turn of using. They will be in a happy mood when they get to the computer lab, because good computers are always ready for them. In addition, if a computer has something wrong, they can move to another one to continue their work. More new and modern computers will help us to complete our work much more rapidly and efficiently. It also strengthens the Internet line so we can access quickly to web pages and download materials much better. Furthermore, if the college has more computers, we can organize different courses in informatics, programming, web pages designing and other functions by provided by computer. Everyone needs to be good at using computer, therefore, these courses can be an excellent way to strengthen students’ skills and introduce new soft wares or programs which assist them more and more in studying. For this reason, it seems that many benefits will be appeared for students if more computers will be added to the computer lab.
Some people may argue that in Hue college of foreign languages, there have been many useful things to do now. We need money to build a new five-stories building, to facilitate for the boarding house and to make a sports center… It is true. Our college has just been established just 8 years and we have a lot of work to carry out to make our college a better place for generations of students. However, the first thing the college has to do is improving the quality of education. All other things are just the appearance: buildings, sports center… A college is evaluated by the quality of students. If we have excellent students in both language skills and technological skills, it will be a very nice result. Therefore, investing money on computer lab is surely a good strategy for our college. Furthermore, if we compare to other work, equipping more computers will cost a little. In fact, it is a necessary thing our college should do to have better and more intelligent students who will contribute their parts for the country’s development in a near future.
To sum up, more computers in our college will enable students and teachers to perform well in both learning and teaching. It also brings good chances for students to improve necessary skills in life and offers various helps for teachers in the college. The more computers are used in our college, the more good effects we can achieve. Making computers more available to students and teachers, the process of teaching and learning will get more success in the future.


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