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pls give comments for me!

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pls give comments for me!

Bài gửi  hungak6b on Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:47 pm

I- Introduction:
Thesis statement: I strongly argue that the computer lab of Hue college of foreign languages must be added more computers for the use of both students and teachers.
II- Body:
1. Supporting: both teachers and students need computers for many learning activities at the college
- students find they are expected to use computers: to search for information or to create Powerpoint presentation…
- teachers need computer to access database programs or to prepare some tools for teaching
- We live in a highly technological world and computers play an increasingly important role in how we study
2. Supporting: if there are more computers, students and teachers will also be able to complete their work more efficiently.
- They will not have to wait longer to get a seat in the computer lab.
- More new and faster computers will enable them to complete their work much more rapidly and efficiently
3. Refutation: some people may argue that the college has to spend money on doing many other useful things: such as the sports center, new 5-stories building…
- … A college is evaluated by the quality of students
- , if we compare to other work, equipping more computers will cost a little
III- Conclusion:
More computers in our college will enable students and teachers to perform well in both learning and teaching. It also brings good chances for students to improve necessary skills in life and offers various helps for teachers in the college


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