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My complete essay!

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My complete essay!

Bài gửi  quang thi nhu thien on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:38 pm

Nowadays, in the period of global integration, every country wants to expand the diplomatic relations with other countries for trade, technology and cultural exchange…; it is crucial to know a foreign language. On a smaller scale, in Vietnam, more and more foreign companies from the US, China, Korea, Japan, France… pour investment capitals into Vietnam for mutual development. Therefore, it is also time for increasing demand of foreign languages learning. At the beginning of the first year, HUCFL English freshmen have the option to learn a second foreign language, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and Russian. However, students only learn the grammar of these second foreign laguages. In my opinion, in future they should be taught communicative skills of the second foreign language for the following reasons.
First of all, Ss will have a good chance to fully develop their communicative skills of the second language. A survey carried out on 12 December 2011 on 40 final year HUCFL English students, who experienced six semesters of learning second foreign languages, indicated the figures: 15% Ss studied French, 32.5% Japansese, 25% Chinese and 27.5% Korean. 90% of them said that only learning grammar did not help them grow communicative skills. In fact, communicative skills like reading, speaking, listening, and writing are useful ways to help them review grammar. If points of grammar appear in listening exercises or conversations with teachers in class, they will naturally come to Ss’s mind. What’s more, Ss will avoid boredom and find it exciting to learn. HUCFL is a good environment for Ss to practice communication skills because there are quite many native teachers as well as Chinese students. As a result, Ss will be confident to put grammar learnt into practice by communicating with these native speakers.
The second reason is to help Ss spend their time and money effectively.As scheduled, a B1 degree of the second foreign languages will be a necessary condition for the final year Ss when they are searching for jobs after graduation. Therefore, there are 42.5% Ss rushing into foreign languages centers for more communicative skills practice for more B1 examination to come. Meanwhile, 57.5% of them also would like to attend these outside classes but they have no time and money. If they had been taught these communicative skills before, they would not need to go to the centers. They can spend this time reviewing and learning other major subjects.
Last but not least, Ss will be equipped with a good foundation for their potential job opportunities in the future. There are pretty many jobs relating to Japanese, Chinese, and Korean on the website: vietnamwork.net. In reality, the rate of Japanese or Chinese or Korean students that find jobs after graduation is high. If an English major student has the communicative skills of languages listed above, they will have many more career choices. Neverthless, some students (10%) think that it is impossible for them to learn two languages at the same time due to time limitation and their inability to fully concentrate.But they may forget, it is the experience of English learning that will help them to learn a second language. Besides, teachers of the S.F.Ls will know how to develop and incorporate communicative activities into teaching grammar. They can offer different teaching methods to help Ss practice communicative skils.
There is a saying that knowing more than one language is living more than one life. So, if English major Ss know one more foreign language, they will enjoy life twice as much as a normal person. Literally meaning that knowing and being fluent in as many foreign languages as possible will improve one’s life. There is hope that in the future the following generation of E major Ss will have the chance to be taught communicative skills of the SFLs. By all means, in a certain extent they can communicate with foreigners. I also wish that this essay will make a small contribution to make this change possible and give the Ss more chances.

quang thi nhu thien

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Re: My complete essay!

Bài gửi  tranthikimnhung on Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:51 pm

Your essay is very good at not only the ideas but also the specific evidence.


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