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students at HUCFL should be allowed to grade thier teacher

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students at HUCFL should be allowed to grade thier teacher

Bài gửi  le hue on Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:32 am

hi guys!
tomorrow we must complete our assignment and give it for our teacher!
however, I still want to show you my official outline!
first, i want you to read my outline and after that you move on my essay, no problem???
hope to see your comments! Very Happy !
Thesis statement
For me, I strongly believe that HUCFL should allow students to grade their teachers because of some reasons

1. students can express their feeling about what they suitable and what is not from their teachers
+) students can show the good points and bad points of teachers
+) students can tell their thought about teacher
+) students feel fair if they can say everything related their study’s quality
2. grading teachers will improve quality of teaching a lot base on comments of students
+) teachers can corrects their mistake and promote good points
+) teachers change their attitude or teaching method which suit to aspiration of students
3. some people say that many students can abuse the grading teachers to have wrong evaluation with teachers they don’t like
+) HUCFL council should give rule for students who access forum to grade teachers( use real name or be not anonymous )
+) HUCFL council will have strict punishment with students who have wrong evaluation
Grading teacher should be allowed to give for HUCFL students because it brings a lot of good results for teacher and student in particular and for HUCFL learning- teaching quality in general.

le hue

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